Golf is a discipline that has a growing number of admirers, his charm is related to many factors: the well-being, relaxation of an outdoor sport that combines moments of solitude with the pleasure of the competition, the possibility to choose a location to suit their capacità. Golf Club Bellosguardo Vinci promotes the diffusion and knowledge of golf and offers a series of courses and annual activities for beginners . The aspiring golfers may sign up for individual courses, collective, start-up and training for adults and for children and young people, always followed by qualified instructors. The seamless integration with the Tuscan countryside and the beauty of the surrounding landscape of the Vinci hills of Bellosguardo is a unique place of its kind also to learn to play golf!



Bellosguardo set up a course to take first steps into the world of golf at  € 99.00. The course includes:

  • 3 hour individual lessons with the teacher (to agree on the dates and times you prefer)
  • Equipment (you will not buy anything, you give them the sticks us)
  • Access to the club and to the driving range for 3 months
  • Special promotion if you decide to join at the end of the period

For more info+39 0571 902035 or segreteria@golfbellosguardovinci.it


Golf is not a sport only for rich old people. Bellosguardo is in fact very popular with the children and young boys who make up the “Youth Club”: we organize two courses reserved to them

Friday afternoon: 2 hours for older kids who already play at a good level

Saturday afternoon: 1 hour in the company of children to have fun and grow together in the nature of this beautiful game


Big Aces at Bellosguardo

The masters Mauro Ravinetto await you !

Maurizio Ravinetto


Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

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