Discover Leonardo

Where you will experience and absorb the essence of Leonardo Da Vinci in the open air, immersed in the nature of the hills of Vinci, now you can also see what Leonardo saw with his own eyes. Bellosguardo is the ideal point of encounter between golfing and fine food, Bellosguardo also means art and culture.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the genius who made this territory famous throughout the entire world, is still alive on our hillsides today. Inspired by his life, talent and ingenuity, we have preserved this sporting site in full respect of tradition and the enogastronomic culture, creating unique experiences for our guests who can play golf, go for walks, and enjoy good food and wine while learning about the life of the Genius.
A unique opportunity for adults and children. A true multisensory experience.

Discover Leonardo is a space reserved for golfers and guests of the restaurant and the B & B who will be remain in awe of the figure of the most well-known Italian in the world. There is no art, science or invention of which Leonardo was not a master; there is no field that he left untouched. Discovering who this genius was and what he achieved is almost impossible, however Bellosguardo offers you the chance to find out more about Leonardo the inventor, artist and man, in a completely different way.

You can see, touch, and admire the machines he designed, observing them as he imagined them when he designed them, and learn about this great man’s history and the lesser known anecdotes of his life, in his land, on his hills, immersed in nature, in the open air without any architectural barriers. See with your own eyes the things he saw and the environment that surrounded him. An incredibly fascinating and evocative experience.

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